Which state has highest tax on liquor in India?

In which state liquor is costly in India?

Nationally, Maharashtra charges the highest rate but draws only a portion of its revenue from its sales. Tamil Nadu, like Kerala, earn a large part of its revenue from the sale of liquor. It has imposed VAT, excise duty, and a special fee on foreign liquor.

What is the tax rate on liquor in India?

However, these rates are not fixed and can/will change depending on several different factors regarding the state government. State excise duty levied on liquor and other alcohol-based items make up for 10-15 per cent of Own Tax Revenue of many states.

Which is the cheapest alcohol in India?

Cheapest Indian Wine, Spirits and Beer

Wine Name Grape Avg Price
Sula Vineyards Riesling, Nashik, India Riesling $15
Old Monk White Rum, India Rum $15
Grover Zampa Vineyards Art Collection Sauvignon Blanc, Nandi Hills, India Sauvignon Blanc $15
Seagram’s Blenders Pride Rare Premium Whisky, India Whisky – Whiskey Blended $16

Which city has cheapest alcohol in India?

Delhi’s notorious neighbourhood Paharganj houses one of the cheapest places in India to drink. My Bar’s branch in Paharganj offers cheap alcohol apart from a vivid hippie culture. The cheapest alcohol available here is for Rs 45!

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What is the tax on Whisky in India?

While the budget has reduced basic customs duty on liquor to 50% from 150%, it would be offset by the agricultural infrastructure cess of 100% imposed on tipple. The new cess is only applicable on hard spirits such as Scotch, whisky, rum and vodka, and not on foreign beer which at present attracts 110% tax.

Which country has the highest tax on alcohol?

Of the countries covered in the presented statistic, Finland had not only the highest excise duties but also the highest overall price for alcoholic beverages. Only Iceland and Norway exceeded Finland’s alcohol prices.

Where is the cheapest alcohol in the world?

From Bulgaria to Barbados, these are the cheapest places for a pint across the globe.

  1. Bulgaria. (Picture: Martin Divisek/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
  2. Czech Republic. (Picture: Martin Divisek/Bloomberg via Getty Images) …
  3. Hungary. (Picture: Akos Stiller/Bloomberg via Getty Images) …
  4. Mexico. …
  5. Portugal. …
  6. Thailand. …
  7. South Africa. …
  8. Poland. …

Which Indian liquor is tasty?

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Top Alcohol Brands in India Price in Delhi
Old Monk Liquor & Alcohol Rum 290
Officers Choice Liquor & Alcohol 370
Royal Stag Liquor & Alcohol 629
McDowell’s No.1 Liquor & Alcohol 600

Which is the strongest alcohol in India?

Here are 10 of the world’s strongest drinks straight out of hell

  • Bruichladdich X4+1 Quadrupled whisky (92% Alcohol)
  • Pincer Vodka (88.8% Alcohol) …
  • Balkan (176-88% Alcohol ) …
  • Good ol’ Sailor Vodka (85% Alcohol) …
  • Sunset Rum (84% Alcohol) …
  • Devil Springs Vodka (80% Alcohol) …
  • Bacardi 151 (75.5% Alcohol) …
  • Absinthe (45%- 72% Alcohol) …
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