Question: Can I claim wet tax?

How does the wet tax work?

WET is a tax of 29% of the wholesale value of wine. … It’s designed to be paid on the last wholesale sale of wine, which is usually between the wholesaler and retailer. WET may apply in other circumstances – such as cellar door sales or tastings – where there hasn’t been a wholesale sale.

What is wet rebate?

A rebate of the wine equalisation tax (WET) is available to wine producers for wine they produce and sell in Australia. The amount that can be claimed each financial year is capped and eligibility criteria apply.

When should I charge my wet?

It’s a once-off tax on the value of the wine and applies when you sell or deal with wine: … through some retail sales (for example, cellar door sales and retail sales of repackaged bulk wine) for own use where WET has not already been paid. by importing into Australia.

Why is there a wet tax?

The wine tax was introduced to maintain or ‘equalise’ wine prices and revenue collected from wine sales at levels prevailing at the time of the introduction of the GST and abolition of the Wholesale Sales Tax in 2000 in order to avoid ‘dramatic and dislocating price falls’.

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How is wet reported?

You must report wine equalisation tax (WET) amounts on your BAS for the relevant period. You then pay (or are paid) the total net amount. WET payable is reported at 1C ‘Wine equalisation tax’ on your BAS.

Is GST applicable on wine?


Beer, wine, rum, brandy, whisky, vinegar etc. fall under HSN code chapter 22 of GST commodity tariff schedule. The details about GST rate changes on sale of Beer, wine, rum, brandy, whisky, vinegar etc.

What is subject to FBT?

What is fringe benefits tax. FBT is paid by employers on certain benefits they provide to their employees or their employees’ family or other associates. FBT applies even if the benefit is provided by a third party under an arrangement with the employer.

Is GST calculated on wet?

WET is calculated on the taxable value of the wine. GST is then calculated after WET is added to the price of the wine (e.g. for wholesale or distributor sales, you would apply the 29% WET rate to the sale price of the wine, then calculate GST on the WET-inclusive price).

Who collects wet?

It’s generally paid by wine producers or wholesalers. If you report and pay GST using a pre-determined instalment amount (option 3 on the business activity statement), don’t complete the WET section of your business activity statement.

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