Is there VAT on mobile top ups?

Is VAT payable on mobile phone top ups?

Hi. 1 The VAT is charged on the call costs, not the top up payment itself.

Is there VAT on phone top up vouchers?

Such vouchers are treated as cash, and ignored for VAT purposes, however if you are selling them b2b then it should be e.g. £10+VAT; Once redeemed the VAT is usually accounted for by the supplier, but in the case of phone cards, it is the services you use the top-up for which will determine the VAT charges applied.

Is there VAT on EE top ups?

The breakdown of your monthly charges on your EE bill are always shown without VAT. The VAT charge is calculated on page 1 of your bill and shown next to Amount due. This is the amount for you to pay with VAT included.

Do mobile phone charges include VAT?

In all cases any spending on line rental for mobile phones is seen as being incurred for business purposes. The VAT on this part of the phone bill is input tax. There should be no charge to output tax under the Supply of Services Order. … There is no charge to output tax under the Supply of Services Order.

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Is pay as you go airtime Vatable?

South Africa: VAT And Airtime Vouchers – No Relief For Mtn. … The sale of the monetary voucher is disregarded for VAT purposes, and VAT will become payable when the monetary voucher is used to acquire goods or services.

Is there VAT on o2 top up?

The VAT has been calculated at 17.5% at the time of the top-up transaction.

What is the VAT rate on mobile phone bills?

Mobile and landline customers should examine their phone bills this month, as some sneaky telecoms companies have charged 20% VAT before the January 4 change.

How do I top up with EE with receipt?

To top up your own number:

  1. text 150 with VO then a space and then the 16-digit voucher number. e.g VO 1234567891234567.
  2. call 150 from your EE phone and follow the instructions.

What is EE VAT number? is a site operated by EE Limited (“We”). We are registered in England and Wales under company number 02382161 and have our registered office at Trident Place, Mosquito Way, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9BW. Our VAT number is 245 7193 48.

How much is tax on a phone?

Wireless tax rates by state:

State State & Local Taxes Rank
California 13.55% 11
Colorado 10.84% 23
Connecticut 7.49% 43
Delaware 6.34% 46

Do you pay VAT on your BT phone bill?

Is VAT included? Yes, all our prices include VAT.