How can I do income tax raid?

Can an income tax officer raid anyone?

Tax authorities usually exercise their right to conduct raids on individuals or groups who are suspected of evading tax or who are deemed to be in possession of any property or income belonging to another party that has not been disclosed.

How can I become a income tax raid officer?

There are two main routes to become an Income Tax Officer in India, i.e. SSC CGL exam or UPSC exam. SSC CGL exam is the main recruitment exam for Grade C and B inspectors for the Department of Income Tax which comes under the central government.

What is the reason for income tax raid?

The purpose of an income tax raid is to seize and curb illegal wealth/black money. Black money or unaccounted money refers to illegal income on which taxes have not been paid. It also includes income hoarded illegally or concealed from tax authorities.

Who orders income tax raid?

Officers Authorised to Issue Order for Search & Seizure

The Director of Income Tax. The Chief Commissioner of Income Tax. The Commissioner of Income Tax. Any such Joint Director or Joint Commissioner of Income Tax as may be empowered by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).

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What is the salary of income tax officer?

The national average salary of an income tax officer in India is INR 45,563 per month.

Income Tax Officer Salary in India.

SSC CGL Income Tax Officer Salary Salary Per Month
Basic Pay INR 44,900
HRA INR 10,776
DA INR 7,633
TA INR 3,600

Which stream is best for income tax officer?

The income tax department hires the income tax officer for better business analyses and personal income tax return works. You can become an income tax officer after 12th, but right after 12th class. You cannot apply for the income tax officer position. You have to complete the bachelor’s degree (any stream) for ITO.

Which is the highest post in income tax department?

Following is the list of ranks in the income tax department in India:

  • Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax or Principal Director General of Income Tax.
  • Chief Commissioner of Income Tax or Director General of Income Tax.
  • Principal Commissioner of Income Tax or ADG/Principal Director of Income Tax.

Does income tax inspector have uniform?

All the officers/officials/staff members should be attired in appropriate formal, clean, modest and decent clothes. Casual and party attire should be strictly avoided during their appearance in office,” read the order.

Is raid a true story?

Ajay Devgn-starrer Raid, which released on March 16, 2018, is one such film based on a real Income Tax raid, which was conducted in 1981. The raid was conducted on the property of Sardar Inder Singh, a businessman and ex-MP from Kanpur. It is considered the longest Income Tax raid in the history of Independent India.

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How does RAID happen?

A raid gets triggered under any of the following circumstances:

  1. Credible information of tax evasion; for instance, any evasion coming out of reports received from the Intelligence Wing of the Income tax department.
  2. Information coming from government departments.
  3. Information procured from assessment records of taxpayers.

What is not paying taxes called?

What Is Tax Evasion? Tax evasion is an illegal activity in which a person or entity deliberately avoids paying a true tax liability. Those caught evading taxes are generally subject to criminal charges and substantial penalties.

How can I save tax illegally?

6 unusual ways to save income tax

  1. Reduce tax as a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)
  2. Donate and claim up to 100 percent tax exemption.
  3. Invest Through Senior Citizen Parents.
  4. Reinvest Your Gains.
  5. Claim additional medical exemption by paying your parents’ insurance premium.