Can I do my taxes on my Android phone?

Is it safe to do my taxes on my Android phone?

I generally advise against using your mobile device to file your taxes, unless you are willing to take on the responsibility that goes along with it.” When someone finds or steals your mobile phone they have access to everything on it and in this case, your tax return.

Can I do my taxes on my smartphone?

With tax apps, you don’t have to sit in front of a computer at home or meet with a tax preparer to get your return done. You can fill out your return and file it wherever you are, as long as you have a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection.

What is the best app for taxes?

The Best Tax Apps for 2021

  • Best Overall: TaxAct Express.
  • Best Free Option: Credit Karma Tax.
  • Best for Business Owners: QuickBooks Self-Employed.
  • Best for Live Support: H&R Block Tax Prep and File.
  • Best for Fast Filing: TurboTax Tax Return App.
  • Best for Ongoing Expense Tracking: YNAB.
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Can I file my KRA returns using my phone?

New- How to file KRA returns, Nil returns, by using your mobile phone’s iTax App; Simplest procedure. 1). To access the KRA services, download the iTax App by the Kenya Revenue Authority from Google Play Store by using an Android Mobile phone. … Open play store and search for the iTax App by KRA and install it.

Which tax app gives the biggest refund?

Of 4 Tax Software Programs, TurboTax Gets Me the Biggest Refund.

Can I file my tax return without a w2?

Yes, you can still file taxes without a W-2 or 1099. Usually, if you work and want to file a tax return, you need Form W-2 or Form 1099, provided by your employer. If you did not receive these forms or misplaced them, you can ask your employer for a copy of these documents.

What is the best tax app for Android?

Final Verdict

Tax App Why We Picked It Federal Return Cost
TaxSlayer Free Tax App Best for Customer Support Free to $47
Credit Karma Tax App Best Free Tax Filing Free
TaxAct Express App Best for Simple Returns Free to $139.95
H&R Block Tax Prep and File App Best for Self-Employed Free to $194.99

Is there an app for tax returns?

TurboTax, H&R Block, TaxAct, TaxSlayer, and Credit Karma Tax all offer dedicated apps for their services.

Can I do my taxes myself?

There are 2 ways to prepare and file your taxes

Americans have two basic options when it comes to filing their taxes: 1. Do it yourself with tax software or through the IRS website. … If you’re well-versed in tax law (most people aren’t) you can print out and mail in your paperwork or request the paper forms in the mail.

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How do I fill in a return?

How to file Income Tax Employment Income Only

  1. LOGIN Enter your KRA PIN, click Continue. …
  2. Go to Returns Menu Go to Returns Menu and select ITR For Employment Income Only.
  3. Enter Return Period Enter Return Period, select ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Do you have employment income?’ and Click ‘Next’

How do I file a PAYE return?

Here’s how to file KRA PAYE returns online:

  1. Log on to from your browser.
  2. Enter your KRA PIN, click Continue. …
  3. Under the returns section, click on file returns then select income Tax followed by the PAYE option.
  4. Click on the returns tabs and then the last item ITR for employment income.

How do I file tax on iTax withholding?

Payment of withholding tax is done online via iTax. The withholder is required to generate a payment slip on iTax and present it at any of the appointed KRA banks to make the payment. The withholder can also pay via M-PESA using the KRA PayBill Number 572572.