Your question: How do I pull up sales tax report in QuickBooks?

How do I find sales tax report in QuickBooks?

On the Home page, in the Vendors section, click Manage Sales Tax . In the Manage Sales Tax dialog box, click Sales Tax Liability or Sales Tax Revenue Summary . Use the Dates fields to choose the dates for which to include sales tax data on the report. Review the information on-screen or print the report.

How do I print sales tax report in QuickBooks desktop?

To print your Sales Tax Summary and Receiver General -Tax Summary reports, simply go to:

  1. Reports in the left panel.
  2. In the search box, type GST/HST Summary Report.
  3. Once the report opens up, click the Print icon in the upper right-hand.
  4. Once a new window opens, click Print.

Where is the sales tax Liability report in QuickBooks desktop?

Go to Reports menu and select Reports Center. Choose Vendors & Payables. Select Sales Tax Liability.

How do I run a tax exempt report in QuickBooks?

Here’s how:

  1. Click Sales on the left menu and go to the Customers tab.
  2. Choose a customer profile and click Edit.
  3. In the Customer information window, go to the Tax info tab.
  4. Make sure to remove the checkmark in the This customer is taxable box.
  5. Enter the Exemption details.
  6. Click Save.
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How do I show non-taxable sales in QuickBooks online?

Also, you create a Non-Taxable sales report in QuickBooks Online using these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Reports menu.
  2. From the search field, key in and click Taxable Sales Detail.
  3. Hit Customize.
  4. Choose the date range in the General dropdown.
  5. On the Filter dropdown, check the box for Customer Taxable, and choose Non-Taxable.

How do I make customer tax exempt in QuickBooks desktop?

Here’s how:

  1. At the left navigation pane, select Sales.
  2. Click the Customers.
  3. Choose the customer you want to be tax-exempt.
  4. Click on Customer Details, then select Edit.
  5. Select the Tax info button, then put a checkmark beside This customer is tax-exempt, and select a Reason for exemption.
  6. Click the Save button.

How do I make non taxable income in QuickBooks?

Create a Non-Taxable sales report in QuickBooks Online

  1. Go to Reports.
  2. In the search field, key in and select Taxable Sales Detail.
  3. Select Customize.
  4. Select the date range in the General ▼ dropdown.
  5. On the Filter ▼ dropdown, select these checkboxes: …
  6. Select Run report.