You asked: How do I assign GL to tax code in SAP?

Where do I assign GL to tax?

Assigning tax G/L account to the chart of account + account key. Creating condition records for tax condition type and assigning it to the tax code.

How do I assign a GL account in SAP?

As per the type of G/L Account you are creating select either the P&L Statement Acct or the Balance Sheet Account radio button. In the Short Text field, enter a short description for the new GL account.

How To create a New General Ledger Account

  1. Enter G/L Account no.
  2. Company Code.
  3. Click Create.

How do I assign GL to company code?

You can assign company code to chart of accounts in SAP by using one of the following method. Menu Path: – SPRO –> IMG –> Financial Accounting –> G/L Accounting –> GL Accounts –> Master Data –> Preparations –> Assign company code to chart of accounts.

How do I change GL code in SAP?


  1. Select the desired function: From the SAP Easy Access menu under Accounting Financial Accounting General Ledger Master Records G/L Accounts Individual Processing . …
  2. Enter the account number, enter the chart of accounts or company code, and press Enter . Note.
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What is posting without tax allowed in SAP?

Posting without tax allowed Indicates that the account can still be posted to even if a tax code has not been entered. If you do enter a tax code when posting to this account, the system checks the entry against the tax category. It should be possible to post both taxable and non taxable items to an account.

How do I change taxation procedure in SAP?

Step 1) Enter transaction code “OBYZ” in the SAP command field and enter. Step 2) A pop up window condition element screen displays with options, you need to choose procedures so double click on it. Step 3) On change view procedure screen, click on new entries button for definition of new tax procedure in SAP.

What are the types of GL accounts in SAP?

G/L accounts are classified into the following types:

  • Balance Sheet Account. Account that is posted from business transactions. …
  • Nonoperating Expense or Income. …
  • Primary Costs or Revenue. …
  • Secondary Costs.

What is the TCode for display GL account?

The SAP TCode FBL3 is used for the task : Display G/L Account Line Items.

How do I check my GL account in SAP?

General Ledger (G/L) Account Balance Display

  1. Update the G/L account that you want to view the balance of G/L account.
  2. Update specific company code.
  3. Update fiscal year.
  4. Update appropriate business area, to view the G/L account balance by business area wise.
  5. Click on execute button (F8)

What is the T code for viewing report screen of customer?

SAP Display Customer Transaction Codes

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# TCODE Description
1 XD03 display customer (Centrally)
2 SE38 ABAP Editor
3 SE16 Data Browser
4 FD33 display customer Credit Management

What is chart of accounts SAP?

A chart of accounts is a structure containing the G/L accounts used by one or more company codes. … You need to assign a chart of accounts to each company code. This chart of accounts is then the operating chart of accounts and is used for the daily postings in the company code.

What is GL code in SAP?

The general ledger is an accounting document that provides a general overview of an organization’s financial transactions. An account, or general ledger (GL) code, is a number used to record business transactions in the general ledger. Boston University stores every general ledger (GL) code in the SAP system.

Can we change GL account in PO SAP?

G/L account field in the PO. … The G/L accounts are defined in PM Work Order and can not be changed in PR/PO for PM WO requirements.