What plugins does excision use?

What DJ software does excision use?

Jeff (Excision) actually controls most elements of the show. The Cryo, DJ booth, visuals, lasers and lights all run off an intricate system with Resolume at the center.

Does excision use FL Studio?

The majority of tracks on the album were produced by Excision, with collaborations with other artists such as Datsik, Downlink, Space Laces, Far Too Loud, Bassnectar and Ajapai.

Excision (musician)

Occupation(s) Music producer DJ performer
Instruments Digital audio workstation (FL Studio), Pioneer DJ
Years active 2006–present

What Daw does datsik use?

Datsik performs live using Ableton. He says “I have the DJM-900 MIDI mapped in Ableton, so, I just hit the 2 buttons on and then I remap the effects so I can use my own fx out of Ableton directly off the mixer.”

Does excision do his own visuals?

He Does All Of His Own Lighting and Visuals

How much influence do you have on the lighting/visual creations that you have on tour.

What does excision mean?

Excision: 1. Surgical removal, as in the excision of a tumor. 2. The removal as if by surgery, as in excision of a tumor; implying at least partial, if not complete, removal.

Where is excision from?

What festivals does excision have?

Tour Dates

  • Oct 22nd – 23rd, 2021. Electric Daisy Carnival. Las Vegas Motor Speedway. …
  • Oct 29th, 2021. Haunted Souls. …
  • Oct 30th, 2021. Freaky Deaky. …
  • Nov 12th – 14th, 2021. Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando. …
  • Dec 10th – 11th, 2021. EXCISION FEAT. …
  • Dec 18th, 2021. Rumble. …
  • Dec 30th – 31st, 2021. HiJinx. …
  • Jan 28th – 29th, 2022. Coliseum.
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Is Brostep an Excision?

Brostep was popularized by American producer Skrillex. It became extremely popular, and picked up traction in Canada with producers Datsik & Excision. It also attracted the likes of metal bands like Korn, who collaborated with electronic music producers Skrillex & Excision on their album The Path of Totality.

Does Excision use Ableton?

Looking at the computer screens at 1:13 in this video, Excision is seen working with Ableton, possibly sampling the tracks and chopping them to put into the MIDI guitars.

How long has Excision been making music?


Genre(s) Dubstep, Grime, Melodic Dubstep
Years Active 2006 – Present
Label(s) Rottun Recordings, EX7, mau5trap, Destroid Music
Official Website Official website