Do birthday cards have VAT?

What printed items are VAT exempt?

The items officially listed as zero-rated VAT print products are as follows; Books, booklets, brochures, pamphlets and leaflets. Newspapers, journals and periodicals. Children’s picture books and painting books.

Are letters Vatable?

4.3 Letters

Individual manuscript or typed letters are standard-rated, as are collections of such letters if they are unbound or loosely bound. Permanently bound collections of letters are zero-rated.

What items are free of VAT?

Items that are VAT exempt in the UK

  • Some food and drink. Most food and drink for human consumption is VAT exempt, but there are some important exceptions. …
  • Children’s clothes. …
  • Publications. …
  • Some medical supplies and equipment. …
  • Charity shop goods. …
  • Antiques. …
  • Some admission charges. …
  • Gambling.

Do posters have VAT?

Some items are tax-free, but there are a few printed materials you will need to pay VAT on. This short guide will tell you how VAT and printing works so you’re never caught out!

VAT on Printed Products.

Zero-Rated VAT Rated
Travel Brochures Posters
Presentation Folders
Price Cards and Tags

Is printing VAT exempt?

HMRC Guidelines on VAT

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Promotional or information items of print are zero-rated, meaning they are completely free of VAT. These include, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets and books.

What does VATable mean?

Definition of VATable sales

VATable sales are sales that your business will have to charge VAT on if it is registered for VAT. … Some sales are subject to VAT at the reduced rate of 5%. Still others are zero-rated – which means they are subject to VAT but at 0%. All these three types of sales are VATable sales.

Are books VAT exempt or zero rated?

Zero-rated items are goods on which the Government charge VAT but the rate is currently set to zero. The goods covered by this classification are items such as children’s clothes and footwear, water, basic foods, books and newspapers.

Does coffee have VAT?

As long as it’s consumed away from your premises, iced coffee, iced tea, and milkshakes are zero rated. But if it’s eaten in then you have to charge VAT, because it counts as a sale in the course of catering.

What food do you pay VAT on?

Most food is VAT-free but you do pay VAT on some food. Some items for human consumption are standard-rated. This includes catering, alcoholic drinks, confectionery, crisps and savoury snacks, hot food, sports drinks, hot takeaways, ice cream, soft drinks and mineral water.

Which service is exempt from VAT?

Examples of exempt items include the provision of insurance, postage stamps and health services provided by doctors. Supplies that are ‘outside the scope’ of the UK VAT system altogether. These supplies are beyond the realm of the UK VAT system and you cannot charge or reclaim VAT on these supplies.


Do I need to pay VAT on flyers?

Most Flyers & Leaflets are usually zero rated for VAT, which means you don’t need to add VAT to the prices listed. But there are a few exceptions: VAT is chargeable if the Flyer or Leaflet is designed to be written on.

Are envelopes VAT free?

20% VAT Rated Items

Stationery such as letterheads, compliment slips, business cards. As well as Envelopes, invoices, labels, appointment cards, tickets, stickers, folders, forms, posters, postcards, invitations, certificates, calendars and coupons or vouchers.

Is VAT charged on advertising?

Advertising services are usually subject to VAT at the standard rate, with the exception of charities.